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Archaea in aquaria
Currently, the commonly-held belief within the aquaria community is that a number of bacteria—Nitrosomonas, Nitrosospira, Nitrobacter, and Nitrospira—are primarily responsible for the conversion of ammonia to nitrite to nitrate.
The future of aquaria
Fishkeeping is an age-old practice, but it is still constantly evolving. What does the future hold? We're asking aquarists from around the world what they think. What will aquaria look like in ten years? One hundred?
Climate change
Climate change has negative impacts on fish and other aquatic animals. This article was written for Get Involved Foundation's first “Hack for Social Good” as part of Global Youth Service Day.

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Least Killifish Care Sheet
Guppy Care Sheet
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U.S. Aquaria Map
Harnessing the power of Google My Maps, this page displays reputable aquaria in the U.S in the form of an interactive map.
2017 Timeline
Wow, 2017 flew by quickly! Learn about what we've been up to each month this year with this handy timeline.
Top YouTubers
This page uses the YouTube API to display live data for the top 100 aquarium YouTubers (by subscriber count).


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