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Making waves in the
aquaria community.

Who are we?
AquariumKids is a website and a community created by Evan Baldonado, a teenage aquarist with a passion for all things aquatic. AquariumKids is dedicated to providing kids and their parents [and everyone else] with the very best aquarium information. We are the leading kid aquarium website on the internet, making a difference in the lives of 9,605 people and countless aquatic pets by offering articles, care sheets, videos, and more. Intrigued? Visit our about page to learn more.

What do we do?

We educate.
AquariumKids is about “making waves” in the aquaria community, so content is a must! Looking for a comprehensive pet care guide or a fully-written set of care sheets to distribute? We've got you covered! Wondering what “anthropomorphization” is? Curious about the ethics behind fishkeeping? Our articles provide a deeper look into the world of fishkeeping. Love YouTube? The AquariumKids YouTube channel is right up your alley.

We're involved with local events.
AquariumKids has been a part of the annual Duveneck Elementary School Harvest carnival on three occasions, distributing goldfish and betta care sheets. While we discourage giving out fish to those who have not researched the commitment beforehand (we believe that our efforts helped cancel the carnival's fish booth in 2014), we are still always available to help and assist new fishkeepers! In 2015 and 2016, we worked with the carnival organizers to give out bettas instead of goldfish because we were unable to convince them to remove the fish as prizes.

AquariumKids by the numbers:

9,605 people are connected with AquariumKids.
Curious about where this number comes from? It is an aggregate of our followings on social media and our email list subscribers. In total, 9,605 people like, follow, or subscribe to AquariumKids. Not one of those 9,605 people yet? Let's change that. *These numbers will be manually updated on a weekly basis until I can gain the API access that I need in order to automatically update them. Numbers that are not starred are automatically updated every half hour.

Our videos have been watched 578,740 times.
Join us in our exploration of the hobby of fishkeeping on the “oFISHial” YouTube channel for AquariumKids.com! Our channel primarily features “top-ten” videos as well as ones with aquarium tips, tricks, and more! New videos will be posted periodically. Over one-half of a million people have watched AquariumKids. Have you? Watch now!

What's next?

We're always working.
We have impacted more than 9,605 people and we would love to continue “making waves” in the aquaria community. We're currently working on an e-book, designing t-shirts/merchandise, and developing a raffle/prize system for our videos, all while continuing to craft care sheets, create videos, and write articles. Stay in-the-loop by signing up for our emailing list!